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Thread: Tournament 1v1?

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    Question Tournament 1v1?

    Hey All,

    I know I spoke to Masamune about this, and he might be right, proably is, but wanted to get everyone thoughts. I wanted to know if anyone here be up for a SW 1v1 Tournament? I was able to host a 1v1 VI Tournament and it's in the semi-finals stage (My oppenat Scias is 2-1 right now aganist me!). I know if we wanted to, and be serious about this, we can get 8 people to do a 1v1 tournament to bring back, or try to anyhow, the feel of a STW tourny and have some good firendly fun also!

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    Default Re: Tournament 1v1?

    I lost my love of 1v1s back in the STW days and haven't played many since. My enjoyment comes from synergizing (and being soundly synergized, as long as it isn't over and over again by the same team, heh). There aren't enough players for a 2v2 tournament; if there was, I might do that, but 1v1 isn't something I'm into (sorry ). Really, I've found that tournaments tend to add a lot of tension to a group; I'm not sure that would be a good thing at this point. I'm all for some casual 2v2,3v3, or 4v4 games though.
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