Thanks for answering my dumb questions, I just have something fun to share.

I just finished Mori on expert. The first season I put all of my available units attacking Takeda's three below.

The fun one was 180 vs. 120 (dumb me forgot which province). I got 3 Yari Samurai, while Takeda got 1 Yari samurai and 1 cavalry (seems Yari).

Takeda rests his 2 troops on a slope. I don't want to fight uphill, so I ordered my non-taisho YS to left and right, to get on the mountains first.

Then suddenly AIs marched towards my Taisho, by doing this they must go down, and climb up. I rushed back both of my flanks adding my Taisho, charging towards Takeda who is right at the bottom of the valley. The timing was just correct that they were totally surrounded by all of my 3 YA. Oh it was a good slaughter house!

I lost 8 and killed 108. Hey it was a 90% kill!