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Thread: Scripted war or in the clear?

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    Default Scripted war or in the clear?

    Hi all.
    I'm currently playing through the Americas campaign (I tried the grand campaign, but I havn't played since Rome TW and so I was rather overwhelmed, and went with the Americas campaign to re-learn everything).

    Now, I'm in the process of clobbering the British as the Americans, and have noticed that all the minor nations (ie the Native Americans) started indifferent to me, but currently dislike me, and one of them just declared war on me after I took Pensylvania from the Brits.

    Now, since I didn't do anything to provoke them, it made me wonder if this was a scripted event or not. Do all the Native Americans just declare war at some point, or are these guys just bored?

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    Default Re: Scripted war or in the clear?

    They do it for all sorts of reasons. Territorial Expansion is one way people will begin to dislike you. For example, imagine you was a country and suddenly one of your neighbours conquered people around you, expanding their empire. You would start to get pretty scared and dislike that power. Same idea.
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    So it's just the fact that I took over two of their neighbours provinces that they're worried, rather than "You have hit the Year X/Taken province Y, you are about to have the entire might of the native americans land on your doorstep".
    Nullus Anxietus then, though no doubt crushing them will make someoen *else* annoyed, and crushing *them* will make a couple of others annoyed... *sigh* I forsee a domino effect of me needing to take over all the Natives. I may need another army...

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    Default Re: Scripted war or in the clear?

    You could just play a small state that techs its way up and then kills all its neighbors.
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    Default Re: Scripted war or in the clear?

    To try and avoid trouble with the natives, I gave them all state gifts (Except for the pueblo. They're too far away.). I even allied the Cherokee But the Iroqouis declared war on me after I took Pennsylvania. Thus far they have only used guerilla warfare, but I'm thinking a sufficient show of force (taking a region) might help some. Or not


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