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Thread: Firepower and Naval guns

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    Default Firepower and Naval guns

    I am wondering if anyone can comfirm this. The firepower for a naval unit shows you the firepower associated with each cannon. I have noticed that a galley (or light galley) has a large firepower but only 4 guns which I assume means the 4 front firing cannons are very strong, while a 6th rate has less firepower but more guns (so of course more firepower in total if you get hit by a full broadside)

    Anyone care to confirm??

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    Default Re: Firepower and Naval guns

    That is what I take from it as well.

    The galleys are carrying like 42 lb. guns and the 1st Rates have 36 lb. guns…so a slightly higher number.

    Brigs and such have light 6 lb. guns for the most part. Smaller and weaker gun have less striking power.

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    You know I looked at the stats and figured, as the Ottomans, that I should probably build brigs and sloops. Like you I assumed that the firepower was per cannon, meaning that the western style ships should have more overall firepower. Also I looked at the hull rating. The galleys have a 0, so I thought for sure that the western ships with their rating of 6-7 must be hardier.

    Yeah forward to last nights epic naval engagement between the Ottomans and the Morrocans (bastards were pirating my lanes AND invading my barbary protectorate. So I placed my western ships up front, since I did not want to risk my lighter hulled galleys, rather they shoot from a distance.

    Every single one of my western ships litterally exploded under the barrage. My admiral's flagship was picked off at a ridiculous distance, well past what appeared to be the cone of the galley's FOF. To be fair the morrocan's western ships fared no better, they all exploded as well. Eventually my galleys were able to pull out a victory but only just barely. It came down to two of my light galleys playing ring around the rosey with their final light galley as we circled one my surrendered galleys, a sunken western ship and two of their surrendered light galleys.

    I suppose I should have saved it, it was an epic fight but not due to any skill on my part. Of course now my fleet is ruined and the damnable Venetians won't give me a moment of peace.

    By the way, does anyone know if your ships can dock in a protectorate's port so they can replenish?

    In any case the moral of the story is this: Don't underestimate the galleys. They devestated my supposedly superior western ships. Keep in mind that I did not have anything fancy, just brigs and sloops, but still.
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