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Thread: List of problems

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    Default List of problems

    Gathered here a list of some complains: diplomacy sistem, retreats, lack of unit diversity, no naval invasion, ship battle suxxx, the ai suxx even more, big casualty rates, star forts are like useless + more bugs....damn this sounds a bit like more than unfinished......GAH

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    not something we havent heard many times before. if you are looking for a place to rant, go tot he official forums- more than enough over there.
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    I can handle the higher casualty rates, but I would liked some of the other stuff to be fixed/patched/modded into the game.

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    Its not so much that casualty rates are high (that is to be expected from TW) but that they seemed to have increased a bit from M2TW, making armies less survivable, which is the exact opposite of what the trend should have been.
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