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Thread: Are screenshots automatically saved?

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    Default Are screenshots automatically saved?

    I was just wondering if, like alot of modern games, when you press the Print Screen key, are screenshots automatically saved to a directory? I've been taking quite a few and wanted to upload some, but I can't find a directory for them

    Do I have to save them manually in Paint?


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    Default Re: Are screenshots automatically saved?

    Quote Originally Posted by Plusi View Post
    Do I have to save them manually in Paint? Yes
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    Default Re: Are screenshots automatically saved?

    Or you can get a program called FRAPS. Look it up and download the demo version (or w/e its called) can you can take pcitures (I think you can only make them a .jpg format for the demo version) and they are automatically saved in a folder.

    Or you can use the xfire screenshot taker. Xfire is a free application that allows you to compile a friends list and allows you to IM ingame and out of game and tracks your gaming hours.


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