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    Evening folks! Not sure how many remember me as I bounce in and out of here, but once upon a time I did some audio replays for Rome:Total War which were rather popular and entertaining (I found them to be anyways.)

    At any rate! Im back on the airwaves live, and Ive been casting other RTS pro-league matches for a rather large audience. I do a show on Saturday Nights (because Im a family man now and therefore HAVE no life) for World of Warcraft Radio (, but does cater to other games. 125,000 unique listeners every week with over 500,000 podcast downloads a week.

    Here's what I need from you, the community:

    Id like to broadcast some online play-by-play battles, perferably clan battles or league matches. Show airs 9-11pm eastern, Ill call the games with small commercial breaks between matches. Listen live to my show or download it for an example. I personally would like to advance the popularity of the TW series, especially Empire, a period of history I find very interesting. If you or your clan are interested, please post here or contact me via PM and we'll see about setting up some matches.

    The Saturday Night Main Event, 9-11pm eastern at
    Hope to hear from some of you soon. Im looking to air an ETW centered show in 2-3 weeks.
    Clan Imperial Guard Inc.

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    Default Re: Play-by-Play radio broadcast

    A weekly thing? If so, I can play next Saturday then if we can set up something!

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    Nice, I remember 1G from when I played WC3 - listened to quite a few of the casts I seem to recall. Think I listened to some of the Rome ones too.


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