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Thread: How does one cross the Rubicon?

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    Default How does one cross the Rubicon?

    After reading of Garnier's fantastic stunt, I must know more.

    How can one successfully orchestrate a civil war?

    I remember in XL 3.0 doing several strange things when I became bored with my Irish campaign, (Such as gathering 10,000 men and with one ship marching from Connemara to Rome, where I settled the Irish as the new papacy).

    One of these efforts was to start a civil war.

    I made several new units, all of whom had 1-3 loyalty under a 2 influence King, and I then placed the only two loyal men in the Kingdom in the ruler's army of 3 units, and I then at first set twenty disloyal units seperately in my one province with him, then I stacked them and had two generals of 0 loyalty with 1000 men each against the King with 250 in the same province.

    Nothing ever happened.

    I have had two disastrous, accidental civil wars since I first began playing MTW, and never again.

    I would really appreciate being briefed on this subjective art.

    It may be useful in my AAR..

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    Default Re: How does one cross the Rubicon?

    Well that was my first civil war that I ever intentionally brought about.

    The plan for that one was simple:

    • I put my king and all of his heirs in one province.
    • I ordered a crusade to be built.
    • I placed each of my good generals in a different province, and made sure that all other armies apart from the king's and these good generals were led by low (<4) loyalty guys.
    • I then stripped my good generals of their titles, and framed all of them for treason simultaneously three turns in a row. One of them was killed during this operation, but he was only 3 stars.
    • I then destroyed the chapter house in the crusade's home province which disbanded the crusade and lowered the king's influence (and as a result lowered all my generals loyalty) while sending spies at all my generals again.
    • After hitting end turn with the last operation ordered, I got the civil war as good as I could wish it.

    I suppose it would probably be wise to put all your good generals in the same army so you only need to frame the best one who is in charge and get his loyalty down, and then he'd be guarranteed to be king.

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    Default Re: How does one cross the Rubicon?

    The best way to do it, Glenn, is to do what Garnier says.

    You're playing NTW at the mo', right? So that means crusades are out of it. However, a quick way to lose influence is to withdraw before an advancing enemy. Giving up some territory to the foe tends to make generals extremely unhappy.

    But follow the advised "strip the titles off your best general & then treason trial" route & make sure you give said general (or generals works better) command of a huge stack. That should do the trick.

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    Default Re: How does one cross the Rubicon?

    There isn't much to add to Garnier's list, but there are a couple of other things which I used in a desperate attempt to rescue my withering Serbian empire.

    After choosing the general whose responsibility was to renew the Serbian royal family, I of course gathered as many armies lead by disloyal generals as possible and gathered every loyal unit into a single province.

    After that I simultaneously attempted to assassinate 4 of the highest ranked generals and declared war with about 4-5 allied factions. As attacking your allies causes the rulers influence to drop (one point per nation, IIRC) this along with the assassination attempts caused a nice civil war.

    I naturally chose freshly recruited 0-valour assassins to prevent any unwanted casualities from happening among the generals. When declaring war to allied factions try to choose "safe" options that won't take advantage of your weakened condition while you stabilise your empire after the civil war. (Ireland is a safe option, avoid any neighboring factions if possible.)


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