This tournament will be the first of many one-day events that celebrate the spirit of competition and comradery in the ETW MP community. This event will take place on Saturday March 28th at 1:00 pm Eastern time for North America, and 12:00 pm GMT for Europe.


Each round of this tournament will consist of a single-game, where the winner advances to the next round, and the loser is eliminated. Each round will commence as soon as the players become available. Thus, there will be 6 rounds in the tournament, and should not take more than 6 hours to complete (providing people play in a reasonable time). The player who wins first will have the option of choosing which side they want to play on (Alliance 1 or 2) on the next map. Matches will be played unranked so that when a player quits the game a screenshot/battle replay can still be saved as proof of victory.


To register for this event you will be required to join the “ETW: The Duel” steam group for your respected location as there will be two tournaments running simultaneously: North America and Europe. The first 64 people to join the group will be accepted in the tournament. Providing there is great demand, the tournament may open up to more players.

You can find these steam groups at:

North America -

Europe -

The Day of the Tournament:

The fixtures for round one will go up 30 minutes prior to the tournament starting. Players must arrive to the steam group chat 10-15 minutes before the start of the tournament so the administrators can take attendance and find substitutes if necessary. There will be a 10 minute window after the start time

In Game Rules:

• No unlocked factions, ie. Afghanistan, Persia, etc.

• No fixed artillery: mortars, rockets, great gun.

• Late Era

• Medium Funds

Rounds and Maps:

Round One – Alpine Pass

Round Two – Cuba

Round Three – Flanders

Round Four – Afghan Mountain

Round Five – Cuba

Round Six – Alpine Pass