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    Exclamation Main Design

    Primary Aims

    Should Be Possible
    • All Minor Factions Playable.*
    • All Emergant Factions Playable from historic dates.*
    • Slight "cloned unit" appearance changes to make factions look more unqiue, but all based off historical evidence.
    • Additional Historic Battles.*
    • Extend the timeline to as late / as early as historically possible.
    • Historic Descriptions for anything that's missing them (of previously unplayable factions).

    If Possible
    • All Cavalry can dismount.
    • Map extensions, if not in the expansion. Arabia, All of the Americas, More of Africa. New Factions based off others if necessary for these regions.
    • Allow Protectorate Regions to count towards Victory scoring to allow more diplomatic campaigns.

    *Indicates first goals.

    We hope to update this on a regular basis.
    Work will begin as soon as the mod tools are released.
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