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Thread: Crash on building navies

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    Default Crash on building navies

    I'm in the 90's on turns as GB and I built up a couple fleets with 8-10 ships each, but everytime I click on a naval unit or fleet or even ports, the screen freezes, and if I'm lucky it'll unfreeze in 30 sec. or less, if I'm not lucky the game crashes. Anyone else getting the same thing?

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    Default Re: Crash on building navies

    Yes, me too. Whenever I click a certain fleet or try to merge, it freezes and goes empire.exe error. CTD. I hate it. It's not my PC - it runs everything on ultra.

    After some testing, this is a description:

    Fleet stationed in a port at La Hispaniola Island. A trading port (Global Trading Company).
    Fleet comprised of several ships and an admiral.
    Fleet not new, previously used in battles.
    No recruitment at this port.
    Fleet stationed there to replenish.
    Some of ships possibly captured from the last battle (can't remember now).


    1. When clicking on the port.
    2. When sending a naval unit in the port.
    3. When sending a land unit in the port.
    4. When clicking admiral icon in unit/fleet list scroll.
    5. If the island is given to another faction, as a gift, the fleet stack moves outside the port. Clicking the stack brings the same CTD.

    Updating ETW files (cache) via Steam didn't solve the problem. Restarting the game, ending the turn, rebooting, prayers and curses didn't solve the problem either. If there's any voodoo fix for that, please share.

    If it's not the Bermuda Triangle, then sure it's a bug. You can quote me on that.
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    Default Re: Crash on building navies

    I've also had this. In two of my campaigns Gibraltar's shipyard was the culprit. I always get a small freeze when clicking on fleets. CTD's usually makes my screen go white, I too have a decent computer and have tried turning the settings and resolution down - it doesn't fix the problem.

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    Default Re: Crash on building navies

    In some instances, if I fight a battle with that particular fleet it stops freezing until I port in for repairs, then it comes back.

    So far I've been going back a few turns and playing 2 or 3 turns over, up until the latest crash it's worked but definitely not a real solution lol.


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