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    Hi! Before Empire Total War came out, I posted an ad for our mod over here at the org, but i think its time i post a new one :)

    Siam: Total War

    A mod for Empire: Total War


    This mod covers the wars and history of South East Asia, stretching from the years 1700 to 1880. The map will stretch from far east India to the Phillipines. It will cover such events as the Tay Son uprising in Vietnam, the Opium Wars in China, the expansion of the Dutch East Indies and the conquest of Vietnam by the French. It will include such factions as the Chinese Qing Dynasty, the Siamese Chakri Dynasty, the Sulu-Mindanao Sultanate in the Phillipines and the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty, along with many European factions. We are even planning to have a river battle system fought with Sampans.

    Our forum is here:

    I will be looking forward to comments or help from anyone interested :D

    -Pazu the Kitsune (Siam TW mod organizer)

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    i have already created topic at Thaitotalwar club


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