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    Exclamation Realistic Recruitment

    Realistic Recruitment


    After this discussion I got the Idea for Realistic Recruitment "Mod", to try to achiev more realism in Empire TW. This "Mod" is more an idea on how game should be.

    Do you think that to have unlimited units is bad for realism?
    Is campaign to easy for you, you have enough of 10 line infantry
    full stacks playing for dutch?
    You want stay on historical development step?
    If you dont like easy arcade gaming, so maybe this "Mod" will be for You!


    Regular troops should be based on real military power in that time.
    For brits (they had 48.000 soldiers) it would be recruitment restriction for having at same time no more then 4-5 line infantry,
    1-2 grenadier and so on.
    Additional you can use hessian infantry, militia, colonial troops which are also restricted.
    You will be able field maybe only 2 dragoon units instead of unlimited in vanillia.

    For prussia had 150.000 at 1750, so 15 line infantry plus additional troops some cavlry, some art.,
    some light infantry. If you need more troops then you have to recruit militia.
    Austria will get something like about 16 line infantry...........


    Didnt touched yet.


    Recruitment time is doubled for all units, so dont lose you uniit in battle, remember there are british units with history up to 17 century!


    Now to reaserch new thing will take much more time. The goal is that you need to play with for example
    plug bayonet not for 3 rounds but for 20 rounds. I mean that is how it was in real history, the development slow if you compare it to ETW.


    Austrian infantry now more or less at same level as default line infantry, have also same numbers.
    Ottoman infantry have now up to 200 men in a unit since ottoman always could field really big armies.
    Accuracy of russian line infantry was made same like militia have.


    Backup your Patch.pack at your DATA folder. Then put my Patch.pack at your DATA folder. Start the game.


    Since steam always update something im not sure that we all are patched to same level. but I hope it will work for you. There are only 9 MBs to download so simply try it !


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    Default Re: Realistic Recruitment

    Realistic Recruitment

    BETA 1

    Changes to previous version

    Every ship cost now around 4.000-8.000 of money.
    Recruitment of cavalry more restricted to fit the infantry numbers
    Recruitment of artillery also halfed from 4 to 2 of each
    Generalbodyguards are now around 10 men strong, they should bodyguard general and not being your cavalry.


    Research costs a bit more, make preferences.

    Stats of all units are overworked.
    Cavalry will now hurt your troops if they are not in square.
    Battle line units got high defense value, so to charge a fresh and full enemy battle line at front will mostly bring you a fiasko. Gunpowder units reload times are now higher to fit this: prussian infantry 4 shots, regular infantry 3 shots, militia 2-2.5 shots, peasants and cavalry 1-2 shots in a minute. If you let your troops charge or run over long distance they will be tired and lose the melee. Realistic behaviour is to walk close to the enemy and then charge, before this you should make the enemy line weaker by number and energy or morale. So form the line hold the enemy under fire then break his line with your reserve or flank him. Batteries have now more guns to be more dangerous.

    Remove your Patch.pack from your DATA folder. Then put my Realistic-Recruitment-1.pack at your DATA folder. Start the game.



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