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Thread: taking london then game crash

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    Default taking london then game crash

    Is there any scripted event that is suppose to happen when London is conquered?
    I am playing as France and have conquered much of continental Europe. In order to achieve the long campaign objective, I needed to finally go to war with UK, so i can take the North American regions.

    After clearing away the navy that guards UK, i managed to land a few sizable stacks. I did not have any trouble taking London. While the game does not crash as soon as that happens (ie i am in control of the region and can upgrade the towns and ports) the game will crash back to windows as soon as i click on the diplomacy button. The game also crashes when i take Edinburgh in the same turn.

    If i just ignore the button, the game will also crash at the start of my next turn (ie after AI finish their turns, including the British).

    As an additional test, i reloaded my game. This time i took over Ireland and was still able to continue play without any crashes. However as soon as i touch London, things break down again.

    So this has led me to wonder if there is a scripted event that is causing the game to crash after London is taken. Maybe that is what is causing me the crash bugs?

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    Default Re: taking london then game crash

    It's because CA doesn't anyone taking over England

    I don't really know, sounds like a really bad bug.

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    Default Re: taking london then game crash

    It didn't happen to me when I played France. It seems that for some reason the creation of the US in your game is going wrong, causing that crash.
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