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Thread: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

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    Default RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    Ok, I'm on episode 3 of RTI campaign. I lost the Bunker Hill battle and now I have no idea of what to do! I have only one territory and don't even know the conditions to win. Can someone guide me a bit during this scenario please?

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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!


    You've been given the keys to the bloody car fella.

    Have a spin and don't crash into anything.

    Check the objectives and blaze on.
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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    There's a trophy icon in the upper left of the icons in the box in the lower right corner of your screen. Click that and it'll give you the objectives. If I remember correctly, you have until 1825 to control 15 or more territories, 8 of which are specific ones.

    My recommendation is to jump and take Maine from the Brits immediately, then pull your army back in between the town in Maine and Boston so it can defend both. Build up, take Albany as soon as you can, then park your army on the bridge over the river by Philadelphia. That will block them from moving on Albany or Boston. Build up more (you'll need a full army unless they move troops out), take Philadelphia, and your immediate major threats are dealt with.

    My recommendation from that point is to maintain enough defensive stuff in Philadelphia and Albany to keep the British in the south from going north and to keep the Iroquois honest, build more troops and move north. Take Acadia, then move north on Quebec and Montreal. Once you have those, switch back to a southern offensive. Remember to defend the north; in my part 3, the Brits sent a stack and a half of native auxiliaries over from their territory on the coast of Labrador.
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    I found taken the Canadian provinces is madatory early on. it basically wipes out one front of France (they have a spot in Newfoundland, but with a well-placed rake you can see any marching armies several turns before they reach quebec.)

    The Cherokee will be a pain in your rear end for a while, they seem to have infinite armies. Keep an eye out for them while you slowly go south through Britain. Keep in mind you don't need to take Florida, so if there is another area with no defenses, feel free to take it to help with the number to territories you need to win.

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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    Although they don't seem to help with land troops, get an alliance with France because they will help deal with the British Navy. I also got an alliance with the Iroquois even though they were already allied with the Brits...

    Definitely agree with the earlier poster who said to take Maine and Albany first (and the latter gives you the port at New York City, too), but you may have to deal with the threat from Montreal and Quebec before you get a chance to move onto Philadelphia. In my game the Brits have kept sending troops down into Maine and New York from Canada (not bad ones, either - grenadiers and the like). Try to get a full stack up to the St. Lawrence River and build a fort on the other side of the crossing near Quebec - you can hold them off until you're strong enough to conquer Montreal and Quebec. Also try to boot the British out of Cayuga (west of Albany) - sell the territory to the Iroquois if you're at peace with them since you don't have an immediate need for it, just need to keep the Brits out of it. Then, once you're reasonably secure up north, move on to Philadelphia, Annapolis, Williamsburg, etc.
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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    As you gain more territory, especially towards the South (or so it seemed to me), the native Americans will start disliking you. If you do nothing about it, they will declare war. Check the diplomacy screen, and find the minor powers tab - it took me ages to notice it. A few small diplomatic gifts should soften them up.

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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    Forget the Inuit. The Cherokee should be your real concern.
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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    The Natives started declaring on me the first chance they got except the Cherokee. Iroquis when I took Philedelphia, Huron when I killed the Iroquis, and the Inuit came in on their side.

    I took 'ole George into Maine and circled into Canada and then south. I actually lost Boston the third turn to a few British troops because I left it garrisoned by 1 Minutemen and 1 Dragoon. But I marched out of Maine to take it back the next turn. It wasn't as bad as when a random Iroquis stack took Philidephia because I thought it was safe. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LET THOSE NATIVE TOUCH YOUR CITIES - THEY SELL EVERYTHING. So its best to take the Andrew Jackson approach with the Natives and manifest destiny their butts to Oklahoma.
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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    I can't quite remember which tribe it was, but they declared war on me, even after I'd bribed the rest into liking me. Their villages are to the west of montreal. I figured I'd take the less-diplomatic approach and just wipe them out to stop them from raiding my schools and farms. Learned first hand how hard they are at combat.

    Figured with my "skills" I could take on a full stack and a small re-inforcement army with my three-quarter stack of minutemen with artillery and cavalry support, with some skirmishing light infantry. The only survivor was Gen. Washington, four cavalrymen, and a unit of minutemen who legged it at the first signs of trouble and refused to rally.

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    Default Re: RTI chapter 3 guide needed!

    Here's what I did.
    I first took Maine and Boston, keeping at least 3-5 units in each city (otherwise the Brits can pick them off). Oh yeah, at bunker hill I had all my units withdraw, giving me a large army to start with. I later crushed the only British army nearby. Anyways, I moved south, taking settlements like Philladelphia and Maryland. After the Iroquois declared war on me (right after taking Philly) I decided to make friendly with the natives. A state gift to each (and an alliance with Cherokee) kept them happy with me. The Iroquois kept raiding border towns, so I later killed all their armies and raided their towns. Never had another problem. After taking my 8 required territories, I moved north. I took Acadia, Quebec, Montreal, and Newfoundland. I took a few other territories, I just forget what... I think maybe Florida and something else. The RTI Chapter 3 seemed pretty easy, so long as the Indians were happy with me. I also was allied with Dutch, and maintained trade deals with Dutch and French (raking in quite a profit).

    *side note* George randomly dissapeared right before I took Newfoundland. I think retired or something. He just dissapeared...

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