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Thread: Missing line and error in DMB

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    Default Missing line and error in DMB

    The Komatai Epliktoi are missing a sprite entry around line 3624.

    model_sprite		slave, 60.0, eb/data/sprites/dacian/ebsprite_dacian_missile_epilektoikomatai_dacia.spr
    should be

    model_sprite		slave, 60.0, eb/data/sprites/dacian/ebsprite_dacian_missile_komatai_dacia.spr
    model_sprite		merc 60.0, eb/data/sprites/dacian/ebsprite_dacian_missile_epilektoikomatai_dacia.spr
    Apologies if this has aready been caught as it is really noticable (they become invisible when your zoomed out).
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    Default Re: Missing line and error in DMB

    Sorry, how is it possible to have these as mercs? They are not listed in descr_mercenaries, and only dacia have ownership of them. The regular komatai who also use the DMB entry are not a mercenary unit.

    Edit: Don't get me wrong, I've added the line, just wondering how you came to use them in that fashion. You should also add the missing comma to your merc line.
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    Default Re: Missing line and error in DMB

    I thought that if a faction has two units that use the same model, ie komatai and komatai epilektoi that one must use the merc texture slot to distingush it from the other, i was appling the same logic to the sprite entries.

    The epilekitoi are a mecenary unit they're just not recruitable as such, due to not being in descr_mercenaries.txt.
    type             dacian skirmisher komatai epilektoi
    dictionary       dacian_skirmisher_komatai_epilektoi      ; Komatai Epilektoi
    category         infantry
    class            heavy
    voice_type       Light_1
    soldier          dacian_missile_komatai_epilektoikomatai, 30, 0, 1.15
    mount_effect     elephant +1, chariot +2
    attributes       sea_faring, hide_improved_forest, mercenary_unit, very_hardy, hide_long_grass
    formation        1.2, 1.6, 3, 4, 4, square
    stat_health      1, 1
    stat_pri         6, 6, javelin, 47.3, 3, thrown, simple, piercing, spear, 10 ,1
    stat_pri_attr    prec, thrown
    stat_sec         12, 6, no, 0, 0, melee, blade, slashing, sword, 0 ,0.225
    stat_sec_attr    no
    stat_pri_armour  9, 13, 3, metal
    stat_sec_armour  0, 0, flesh
    stat_heat        3
    stat_ground      0, 0, 1, -1
    stat_mental      16, disciplined, trained
    stat_charge_dist 30
    stat_fire_delay  0
    stat_food        60, 300
    stat_cost        1, 2968, 742, 30, 40, 2968
    ownership        dacia
    Also thanks about the comma corrected it now.
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