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Thread: Reinstalling the game with new Windows

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    Default Reinstalling the game with new Windows


    Currently, I have a 32-bit Vista, but I am going to install a 64-bit Vista which Microsoft recently sent to me. I have 2 hard drives, and both Windows and the game are (and will be) installed on the same one. What should I do:

    1) Install 64-bit Vista and then reinstall the game and Steam? Will it work? Or will Steam assume that since I already registered the game with them, that this is an illegal copy and will not let me re-register?

    2) Temprorarily transfer the game and Steam folder into my second hard drive and then, following the WIndows installation, transfer it back?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Reinstalling the game with new Windows

    IIRC the game(and your serial) is linked to your steam account, so you should be able to reinstall without any problems..
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    Default Re: Reinstalling the game with new Windows


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    Default Re: Reinstalling the game with new Windows

    Do number 2, but instead of copying the entire folder, copy only the steamapps folder.

    Then install steam, then copy the steamapps folder back.

    The game will show up as uninstalled, but if you run the downloader, it will realise the game is there and let you play it.
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    Default Re: Reinstalling the game with new Windows

    Steam has an official & nifty backup function, this'll copy all the relevant bits to the location of your choice (eg HDD 2).
    The backedup folder includes a steambackup.exe file that'll reinstall the game with Steam for you when run
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