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    Hi folks
    Over the past few days, I've been having some problems with Google.

    When I try and access Google, the page sits there loading for a rather long period of time, before telling me that "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading".

    The same applies to Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. If that isn't bad enough, the Google Talk client and Google Earth refuse to connect to the server too, remaining signed-out/providing me with a black screen. In the case of Google Talk, when I try to sign in manually, it loads for a long period of time and, like with the browsers, eventually gives up and stops all together.

    What makes this problem worse is that I rely on Google for so much - calendar, homepage, news, search e.c.t. I suppose that's the curse of using one provider for everything.

    Fortunately there is one thing that isn't acting up and that's Gmail. Although the tab tells me its loading the whole time I'm viewing it, it is 100% functional with that the only issue.

    I know Google isn't down, since I've managed to pick it up through a proxy server and I can also get to it through work.

    There is one thing I can think of that's changed since this problem has occurred and that's my anti-virus software. It's gone up a version to AntiVir Premium Security 9. This may not have been the problem though - in the evening prior to Google disappearing the AntiVir suite was updated and the website was 100% functional.

    All help appreciated
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    Just tried google calendar, homepage, news, search using both Opera and IE7 + google earth and gmail. Everything a-ok. I suspect one of your filters: anti-virus, pop-up-stopper, firewall, etc.
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