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Thread: Anyone have this issue?

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    Default Anyone have this issue?

    New member here, but I've been lurking since Shogun came out. Anyway, on to my question.

    I have yet to finish a campaign because somewhere between turn 50-80 or so when I click on the "End Turn" button it will begin going through the CPU turns and then crash to desktop. I've tried reloading the campaign from the last save but it always seems to crash at the same spot. The most recent one is that I'm playing Prussia, at the end of turn 57 it gets to the Pirates turn and just as it seems to finish I crash to desktop.

    System Specs:

    Windows Vista x64 Ultimate
    AMD Phenom 9850 x4
    4gb Gskill 1066 DDR2
    PNY 8800GTS 320
    2x 500gb Seagate SATA
    Zalman 750w PSU

    I know the video card is my choke point at the moment which I will hopefully rectify soon. It runs eveything smoothly at medium, and only gives slight lag at high settings, primarily when there are lots of weather effects going on.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Default Re: Anyone have this issue?

    I've had several CTDs. I've had no problem loading an older saved game and continuing past the point where it was crashing. However, that only holds true as long as the save game is from a turn prior to where the game is crashing. I've lost a couple of campaigns where both my quicksave and autosave were from the same turn as the CTD.

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    Default Re: Anyone have this issue?

    I do have a save from a fw turns prior, I will try that. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Anyone have this issue?

    Until CA patches this, always have at least 5 turns saved, sometimes you have to go back a bit further

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    Default Re: Anyone have this issue?

    Welcome rabidmouser!

    I hope it worked for you!

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    Default Re: Anyone have this issue?

    yes I have exactly that issue, game crashes when the pirates are moving/battling...
    And I can only load from previous turns, so frustrating!
    I'm very disappointed. #%*¤"#

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    Default Re: Anyone have this issue?

    Not exactly like this but I had a bug while playing as United Provinces where if I took Paris, moved certain units or declared war, the game would ALWAYS CTD. Totally destroyed that campaign.
    and New Zealand.


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