Hi to all! ... bad english... anyway

I know nothig about modding,, so i can't really help in this. In Rome Total War you could see the city, with the peasants walking happily on the streets,, in MTW2 you can't, i'ts pretty anoying for somebody like me with a lot of imagination, so

Its possibly to add the icon of the rome to the medieval, so you can see your city and it's progress and have a little fun? or it's already any mod for that?

And the second,, an idea for a little mod,,, very hard to programing i don't know,,, but it's simple you and your army in anywhere of the map,, and start a battle so you can travel with the units in battlemode without enemys.... maybe it's a little silly, but i think it's add reality and fun also...

Thanks for reading this, hope some answers...,, Regards!