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Thread: EB and Apple .

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    Default EB and Apple .

    Hello ;),

    I just bought a Mac, and i saw that recently rome total war was converted to be played on mac .

    So is EB compatible with this version ?
    Should i install Eb manually ?

    I know that now there is Bootcamp who perits to have windows on your Mac, but it would be my last option ;).

    Thanks for your help ;)

    ( sorry if my english isnt perfect ;)

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    Default Re: EB and Apple .

    Would the installer even work on a mac? If it does, it couldn't hurt to try.

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    Default Re: EB and Apple .

    Installer is a .exe file, impossible to use it on Mac.

    Maybe just extract the files and place them at the right places ? ( but where ?)

    Thankf for your help ;)

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    Default Re: EB and Apple .

    Just an idea, you can install windows (or use intel pc), run installer and then copy extracted files to MacOS :)

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    Default Re: EB and Apple .

    Okay, il do that, But where do i put those files ? I got absolutely no clue where to ;P

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    I just realized the trivialscript probably wouldn't work on a mac. Really I have no idea how you'd go about getting it to work. Does the mac version even support mods? You'd have to pass an argument to the application telling it to use the EB folder. On windows it looks like -mod:eb.

    Alternatively, you could try replacing all of the vanilla files with EB files, but you should back everything up first.
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