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    Why is it that if I am sieging, the AI attempts to lift the siege and I win the subsequent battle the siege is broken? So now I need to begin the siege again from fresh? To make matters worse, the AI seems to spawn itself fresh units after every battle. Is this a bug or badly written feature?

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    It seems that city that are without fortification cannot be conquered by simply besieging it and wait. But then a attack on a city without fortification is the same as field battle. An if you have defeated the main army in the city once when they sally forth, most probably the remaining defending army would be armed mobs, which are easily defeated. ETW seems to be downplaying the importance of siege and more on direct assault. Do not be afraid of attacking a city without fortification. They are just as simple as field battle. On the other hand, if the city have fortification, besieging it would be the same in M2TW. I observed that they would also attack at the end of the siege but unlike unfortified city, they will fall if you withstand the attack.
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