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Thread: Still alive?

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    Default Still alive?

    Hey, I hope this great mod is still alive, havent read anything new here since long, so just to ask.

    Great work by the way, cant wait until the next version with an EB like AOR comes out!

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    Default Re: Still alive?

    Have a look on the TWC, the 1.5 preview is up and 1.5 should be released within the next month.

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    Default Re: Still alive?

    For most mods their twcenter sub forums are much more active, although there is the occasional exception like EB.
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    Default Re: Still alive?

    BC 1.5 will by release by the end of April

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kepper View Post
    BC 1.5 will by release by the end of April
    Just try to remind to post it here aswell. As the above poster already thought; I am indeed an EB fan! But if this mod will have the same AOR as EB it will be extremely good aswell. Love the historic info about the units!


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