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Thread: Medieval Total War and Vista 32bit

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    Default Medieval Total War and Vista 32bit

    Hi there!

    I am new to this forum, but an old fan of Medieval Total War. I found the game in my closet and have been trying to load it for weeks with no avail.

    I have a Dell XPS420 Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4ghz with 4 gigs of RAM and a Windows Vista OS with an 8900 Nvidia GeForce card.

    The game loads fine, I get to select the game I want and the time era. When I start the game, it loads and then I get a Windows box that says the following:


    MEDIEVAL_TW Has stopped working.

    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


    When I close the above window I get no solutions. I have search the net, and notice there are several problems with Vista and games.

    I am not very computer literate, so I am seeking help with anyone who has the knowledge or has run into this problem and knows how to fix it.

    I am fiending for a game!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome Imladris,

    Unfortunately there are two issues here. The first, the CTD you are experiencing we can perhaps resolve. The solution to this is probably here:

    The last solution in that thread should resolve the campaign map CTD problems.

    The other issue has no reported solution so far. You are likely to find this in battles where you will not be able to direct the movement of your units. This is a problem that is specific to Nvidia 8xxx and 9xxx series graphics cards. I have not yet seen any reports of this problem with the latest GTX 2xx and 3xx series Nvidia cards, though the problem is likely to persist through that series also.

    So unfortunately it's not good news. You can probably get the campaign map up and running, but you'll likely find battles unplayable, forcing you to autoresolve.

    The only advice I can give is to run MTW on older hardware or try an ATI graphics card if that is an option. ATI still have issues and it's certainly not guaranteed to work, but the unsolvable in-battle problem is not one of them.

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    Default Re: Medieval Total War and Vista 32bit

    I had/have a very similar problem Imladris. After researching a bit, i discovered it is the 8 series of Nvidia cards that have problems. I also get that errror message with medieval 1, and unfortunately there is no way round it.


    IN Total War I Trust!!

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    I can still play MTW on my 64-bit Vista box with 4GB of RAM and 8800GTX card thanks to one of the links in the thread that Caravel posted. Replacing the BIF files worked just fine for me.

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    I got a computer with Vista 32 OS and eventually got and installed Nividia 7600 (I got it for a really good price) and no problem.


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