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    I'm planning to play a battle in Empire Total War in a talent show at my school. However, I haven't actually played the game yet. Fortunately, I do have experience with MTW2. How much skill in one is transferable to the other? And also, what would look like a hard battle but would actually be a pretty easy battle to win?

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    The Prince of Macedon puts some vids on youtube of his empire online battles you might find some thing usefull from that.
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    You're playing a ETW battle for a school talent show? Tell me how that pans out, it sounds interesting. Make sure you have a powerful rig, otherwise it'll look like a slideshow, and less like a game.

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    Give the AI a cheap army. They'll never catch on.

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    Thanks for the tips. Though I'm pretty sure it's going to occur during the intermission so it would sort of be a side show.

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    You should play as the Persians and beat the Americans. See how the teachers react to that!

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    You deffintely need to have elephants.

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    And pirates.

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    You had better practice before the show!

    There is a learning curve and the AI acts a bit different.

    It could be embarrassing to loose you know.

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    Protip: give the infantry militia or some bad unit then stack up on mortars (just used them for the first time a few days ago, game was SO cash) and pepper them and then use really cool units to go in and kill them.
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