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    A great addition would of been where the faction leader could of personaly led his troops on the battle reminiscent of the old tw games. Napoleon Bournopate led his his troops alogside Murat, Ney etc, the swedish king led his own troops in russia and poland. It would of helped balance and increase once leaders traits, or decrease it. It would be fun marching an Ottoman army against vienna led by the turkish sultan

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    I'm not sure how this could be implemented. Are you asking that a random chance could allow you to use a factional as a general? Or that family members can all do that?

    Consider how many monarchs didn't lead their own armies into battle. Quite a bit. I don't think that faction leaders leading their men would be a very fulfilling idea anyways, since RPing has been toned in ETW as well. Your monarch simply is a character portrait, not THE most important man in your kingdom.
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    How many Presidents lead armys into battle?

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    Besides Napoleon, you also had Frederick, of coures, and even George II took the field for one fight.

    It was rare, but it did happen. If it was implemented, though it would have to be a high risk/reward thing. The faction leader, if his is gifted, give a larger than usual bonus, but if lost it would have to have serious repercussions. I know in the Napoelon in Europe board game, if the French player chose to use Napoleon on the map, you got twice the usual morale/rallying modifiers in battle, but if Napoleon died, France loses the game, period.
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    Sounds advantagious for the player if the AI were to field its faction leader. Tell your whole army to focus on one man, then just pres esc and lose the what if you lost the battle, you won the war! Faction leader dead, faction destroyed

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    How many Presidents lead armys into battle?
    How many Presidents existed prior to 1789? Comparing modern Presidents to the era of the game is comparing apples to oranges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerg View Post
    How many Presidents lead armys into battle?

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    How many Presidents lead armys into battle?
    That was before he became president. The only one that I can think of who lead armies during his elected office would be Washington during the Whiskey Rebellion.

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    One could have it as an advantage for absolute monarchy with the emphasis on a martial monarchy vs a petticoat monarchy.

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    Bah, we shouldnt have advanced the timeline so far. We skipped the last great age of fighting nobility to be slaughtered during the Pike and Musket age and straight into pansy nobles who are only good for getting guillotined.


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