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Thread: Eastern overpowered arty?

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    Default Eastern overpowered arty?

    Hi, i've just drop an eye over the Le fusil unit stats and found that Maratha and Turkish faction has a clear edge in arty. They both could deploy the very long range mortars and the ubercannons with 600 range. If i read correctly those Grosse Bertha has the same reload time, same ammo storage and also better accuracy of any western guns while outrange them by 50%. They could win any counter battery and then punch the infantry to the graves. The only stat non explained is "when" and "where" they are scheduled in the tech/year tree. If they are an early/mid weapons I feel that the outcome of the clash of civilization in ETW will be the exact reverse of the real history.

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    Playing as the Ottomans I was able to field my first 64(?) lbs cannon at about 1755 with the final tier artillery building. I had 5 schools from very early on and focused mainly on military tech though; the AI shouldn't get them until much later. They take 3 turns to build as well.

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    Then don't get into a artillery fight with them. I think they have weaker infantry than the European powers so use that to your advantage.

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    You do realize that mortars and rockets have 750 range, right? They can't move from wherever you deploy them, but if you deploy them correctly they can pretty much cover the entire battlefield. Besides, mortars/howitzers > cannons once you tech up. In my battle against Quebec (after they formed their own nation) I had 3 batteries of 4 inch mortars in my army; the first volley of percussion shells completely eliminated an entire unit of 12 lb howizters and knocked out one gun plus the crew of the adjacent 12 lb foot artillery unit. I do imagine the 64 lb great guns probably knock down fortified buildings like crazy, though.
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    Remember the Turkish Monster Bombards of M2TW ?

    Well in 1464 Mehmed II had 42 of them built to guard the Dardanelles and they still worked just fine centuries later when in 1807 a British force recieved many new and generously sized holes courtesy of these hulking brutes {each hit inflicted appaulling damage with 2 shots killing 3 dozen in one instance} .

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