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Thread: Random website popups

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    Default Random website popups

    Hi folks, first time im posting in this forum so forgive me for any etiquette breaches:

    Recently (over the past month or so), as I have clicked on links a webpage has popped up. This only happens some of the time, and it is always a website i have visited semi-recently (the org, youtube etc)-although not immediately beforehand. The page appears in half-minimised form, and never loads properly, and promptly is 'not responding.' due to some quirk of my computer or OS (Vista), closing this (via task manager or otherwise) immediately closes all other webpages and tabs currently open. This is obviously somewhat of a nuisance.

    If anybody can help, please let me know. Also, just ask if you need more info.

    Thanks guys!

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    Get Spybot Search & Destroy and run a full scan. Then use it's immunize feature. Also if you're using MSIE, try switching to an alternative browser such as Firefox.

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    Default Re: Random website popups

    Better yet, get SuperAntiSpyware. That killed stuff that SS&D was missing ...
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    Default Re: Random website popups

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemur View Post
    Better yet, get SuperAntiSpyware. That killed stuff that SS&D was missing ...
    Great program, professionals use that and AVG. (Professionals I work/ed with anyway)
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