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Thread: MP patch wishlist

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    Thank you Postino. Updated.

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of mp, i have to unfortunately now discontinue my org participation as i will be soon departing in a long professional journey that will take me to places that net access wont always be available.

    I hope that the moderators will continue updating this thread that potentially may serve the developer and the mp community if properly taken care of.

    May i suggest to whoever does this, to update the current patch version at the OPs top and also add a Fixed - version... (date...) in front of fixed issues in order for the thread to show what has happened and what is going on.

    Last but not least, i hope that ETW mp issues will be solved and that the game will turn out as enjoyable as possible for all of you that play it online.

    GG & HF all

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    The Caravel Mod: a (very much) improvedvanilla MTW/VI v2.1 early campaign

    Please make sure you have the latest version (v3.3)
    Since v3.3 the Caravel Mod includes customised campaigns for huge and default unit settings

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    Default Re: MP patch wishlist

    MP Enhancements:

    VOIP without adding your teammates to friends list.

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    Some little balance updates after playing more games. Everything I already said is still about the same as it is, except:

    I don't have much complaining about cavalry. Gen bodiguards, normal dragoons aren't as good as I thought they are, and uhlans, husars are decent, BUT lights dragoons are way too powerfull. They beat every other cavarly. Their morale is great, they are larger unit than other cav, their charge is very good (thanks to more man), their fatigue is among the best of all cavalry AND they can shoot.

    Next thing, Grenzers, those guys if used with a little micromanaging are able to destroy guard infantry quicker than grenadiers. They are way too good for the price you pay for them. Them and Jeagers make Austria by far the most powefull faction in late.

    Also it would be great if noone had long range light inf in early, but thats not a huge problem.
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    all i can say so far are the simple ones

    1. to know who your allies and enemy are with there names
    2. team chat to work
    3. the hidden riflemen on open ground :(

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    Default Re: MP patch wishlist

    * Foot Artillery need to be able to run with out being in a group.

    * Add an ‘Alt’ to the positioning mouse click to place the selected unit(s) facing the same direction as they are currently, not just the azimuth direction we have now.

    * Require all battle participants to select to End Deployment, before that happens.

    * Replays need to be periodically auto saved and easily retrievable so that even with drops and desync crashes, we can see the battle up to that point for competition reviews.

    * We need a game logfile and reader for statistical analysis, and to verify that people are playing by competition rules.
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    how is the long rifles hidden while moving a bug

    perhaps you havent checked the reload speed of long rifles, its 15 as opposed to 30 (thats a difference of about 5 seconds for the first reload 10 seconds for the second etc) for most riflemen there accuracy 60 as opposed to 65. there price not that much less. thats game balance silly not game bug
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