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    Hi guys.

    Ive been playing the total war series since Shogun was first released and have been a bit of a browser of TW forums ever since. Funnily enough I just realised that I didnt even have an account on this particular forum yet!

    Anyhoo Ive been thinking about getting back into the TW series and stumbled across Empire: Total War the other day. Im not much of a Steam fan but decided to bite the proverbial bullet and reinstall steam. So far no problems. I also d/l the demo from the offical link etc.

    Problem is that the demo hangs on the opening splash/ TM scene after starting up, if that makes sense. The only thing I can do is go to Task Manager and end the Empire.exe process, otherwise it will hang indefinitely, using 100% of my CPU.

    My rig isnt great, but it does meet the minimal reqs for the game. I thought at least it would run the demo. Anyone else have this problem?

    I had a quick look through the Steam and the Install stickies but couldnt find the answer. Admittedly I havnt read all 2000 pages that are in both threads.

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    I'm assuming you've got up to date drivers for all your hardware? old is your PC have you make sure everything is running swimmingly with a check disk, scan for viruses, maybe reinstall system files from your windows CD and so on.

    Also this is easily the best total war game!!!! you'll love it, hope you can get the demo working


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