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Thread: Perseus Collection

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    Default Perseus Collection

    I was wondering if the EB team know of this web page, that offers many ancient classic text in english and latin/greek too. I´ve just discovered it and i think it is really amazing how much information is there. I think it could be helpful for having clasical texts in a easy access for research, if you did not already know about it.

    Here is the web:

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    Default Re: Perseus Collection

    Interesting find, I'm loving it already! Thank you!

    That aside, I doubt there's much on there the EB doesn't already know, though I could be wrong.

    Edit1: nope, I wasn't wrong.

    Edit2: It's remarkable how well I can understand old norse words with my knowledge of Dutch and English :p
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    Yes, we do.

    Better yet the old Perseus online dictionaries offer a nice 2-way search engine (for instance: search for Greek entries in the dictionary, or for English words in dictionary definitions thereby retrieving Greek words...).
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    Default Re: Perseus Collection

    I'm not a member of the team, but yep, I use it regularly when doing homework for my Latin courses. Great site. -M
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