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Thread: Day to night feature (return)

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    Well l posted a topic bout this at the start of the anouncement of the pack. I thing that it would be reall cool to see the sun come up and set and with all the lighting effects that would have, the sun flare... also it could be of great strategic importance because the attacker could send stealthy units to fight.
    I know that it is imposible to be in for the Expansion pack but it could be awesome for stw 2. Also fighting at night would be awesome too... with some clever moon lighting there should be enough light to see what is happening. Also these kind of features could even the attacker, defender edge.
    What do u think?

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    Definitely, add quite a touch to the screen shots. Have thought just having a sun to establish direction would be neat, as well as time of day.

    Night fighting - probably want moonlight for this - phases of moon, ect - more neat effects and screenshots.
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    If this was implamented, then I think they would have to get rid of turn-based play in the strategy map. Or have battles last a few days long, which would be much better if there was a stale mate, or if the day is over but half the enemy's army routed.

    If night fighting was possible, then I would want to raid an enemy camp at night Your men would have less sleep so be more tired, but if successful they won't have any men

    Also if the sun can be in different locations in the sky, I would like to arange my army so the enemy is facing the sun. Alexander the Great did this in the battle of Gaugamela, which helped him out being extremly outnumbered.

    Also a cool thing would be too be able to go into the battle and take the 1st person view of the general, so you see what he can see, which would add to the feel of the game.
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    I was thinking if there can be a role-playing mode, that you start with whoever you want.

    If you play Oda Nobunaga, you go to battle as the commander of the Oda army (only if you were in the army), you can see what he sees (as previously pointed out by High Voltage), and command the units.

    But you can also play a general of Oda. Then you can still command a battle if you are the chief commander, if not you can only command your own men Gradually you get more and more honor and become a good general and qualified as an heir to the daimyo.

    I guess playing an Ashigaru would be fun, too. If you don't rout too often and kill enough foes, you got some attention and became a samurai, a cavalry, finally general. If you die on the battlefield you can appoint a successor (who is inferior to your rank), then keep playing him.

    I guess it will be fun to see an Ashigaru after hundreds of fights finally united the whole nation.

    Sorry this is some off-topic, just thinking it will be fun.

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    This is more of a general improvement suggestion than anything to do with the expansion: thus, moved to General Discussion.

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