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Thread: Renaming a faction

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    Question Renaming a faction

    Which files do I have to change to rename the internal name for the Scipii (romans_scipii)?

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    Default Re: Renaming a faction

    you can find out by running a search for "romans_scipii" on your RTW folder, there will be quite a few of them, some of the instances e.g. where it is just referring to a romans_scipii_limitai_texture.tga....
    file don't need changing and if you do change them you have to remember to rename the tga file as well

    for an example of which files might be involved there's a set of files here
    where I changed the internal name of romans_senate.

    Note: There isn't any reason to change the internal name for scipii - unless you're using them as 'slavs' to enable that type of emergent horde. The only internal names with specific hard coded properties are
    romans_senate - which enables the senate tabs etc.
    romano_british - under BI exe which has its own unique type of emergence
    slavs - under BI exe which enables it or other factions to emerge via historic event.

    If you meant the name you see in the game the only files you need to worry about are the ones in data/text/.. and you only change the bits outside the {} brackets
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    Default Re: Renaming a faction

    dont ever edit the ones inside the brackets {} it will mess it up

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    I wouldn't say "don't ever"... You can change internal names just like anything else. As long as you change it everywhere it's mentioned, it'll work just fine.
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