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Thread: Remaining CTD bugs - Post March 26 patch

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    Default Remaining CTD bugs - Post March 26 patch

    Started a new campaign after the latest patch. Seems like most of the CTD having to do with the map and AI nation actions on map went away. So far I have CTD 2 times in campaign map but it was recoverable by loading the 2nd time.

    Fleet CTD bugs are still present. Some fleets still do freeze and clicking on ports with ships in it sometimes cause CTD. The only way to break out of this is to send a new ship to join the fleet. This will "unfreeze" the fleet for a few more turns, but it is likely to crash again several turns later.

    I don't use unit merge but is that still happening after the patch?

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    Default Re: Remaining CTD bugs - Post March 26 patch

    I am reverting back pre-patch it CDT's now every 3-5 turns right after navy Combat or during the End Turn Sequence, sometimes right after pressing end turn and sometimes in the middle of processing a new turn.

    The windows errors give a long text file with plenty of Dll references I saw some from the game some windows ones and also a Steam dll.
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    Default Re: Remaining CTD bugs - Post March 26 patch

    I had my first CTD finally the other day -- after the patch; didn't have any before it. It was a naval engagement. Near the end of the battle I clicked on a fleeing enemy ship and ordered one of my fast ships to take it over. The game just froze (didn't even CTD) and I had to kill it through the task manager.


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