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Thread: Loading screens.

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    Default Loading screens.

    I enjoy reading the loading screens in E:TW, some of the quotes are quite funny. I like the one on the French grammarian's last words and "Diplomacy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch" (Franklin?) made me laugh as I'd never heard it before. Anybody see any other memorable ones?

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    Default Re: Loading screens.

    It's a Franklin one.

    There are many variables to it, but it does have a point. For an ideal government, just making it so the majority decides what happens is not the only thing that needs to be done.
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    Any one know where these message can be found on the computer? The other day i saw a message that i didn't finish reading, i've never seen it before or since.

    Also. They shouldn't shrink the font size but make it so that the text area expends. Reading those quotes from a laptop screen at font 6 can be a real pain.
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    I really liked the "I see you have made three spelling mistakes" quote, from some French noble being led to the guillotine, upon reading his death warrant.

    And of course, John Sedgwick's last words ("You should be ashamed of dodging that way ! They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance !") are classic.
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    Default Re: Loading screens.

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    Default Re: Loading screens.

    Hard pounding men. Lets see who pounds the longest.

    or something to that effect.

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    Default Re: Loading screens.

    The one I found amusing (not word for word) was where a mule can go, a man can go, and where a man can go he can drag a cannon.
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