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Thread: a bug or a feature? interception battle layout.

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    Default a bug or a feature? interception battle layout.

    I find it quite inconsistent: how interception and battle map generation works in the game. For example, I had a little army stationed in the capital of a province and a couple militias sitting in a fort nearby. The enemy crossed the bridge by the capital and I got to intercept them. So far, so good.

    However, when the battle started, my army from the capital somehow got 'teleported' to the fort while my milita that was actually sitting INSIDE the fort turned into reinforcements walking onto the map from a side... Of course, I should not complain since that situation was to my advantage.

    Bugs aside, I do not understand the concept of the interceptor sitting in a fort and being the defender... If I intercept, I should be the active one and attacking, not cowering behind the walls in a fort, but rather fielding the army outside.

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    Default Re: a bug or a feature? interception battle layout.

    There are a lot of random things that happen in relation to battles and reinforcements which are probably just magnified when the battle is one of interception. In your case, being the defender may be a reflection of the game wanting to give the fort and "area of control." I was under the impression that normally you are on offense when intercepting, but I haven't intercepted from a fort. I think it just adds to the list another question of how does this work?

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    Default Re: a bug or a feature? interception battle layout.

    Depends who you ask; the fans or the developer
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