I posted this in the bug list, but sense is just a list not a discussion area, I wanted to post it regularly, and see if anyone else has seen this...

During Naval Combat

on H/VH

1) I noticed that occasionally, while my ships were firing upon Pirate ships, the pirate ships would suddenly seem to gain another cannon. I believe I saw this twice in one battle, where I would mouse over the enemy ship, see "40/51" or something, and then after a second, it would blip and become "41/51."

2) Also, during the same battle, I had 3 Indiamen that I decided not to involve in the fighting. They stayed on the far edge of my deployment zone, and were uninvolved in any combat.

They started the battle with full health and cannon (12) and yet near the end of the fight, one was down to 8 cannon, another was down to 10. This is without any crew loss or hull damage. The enemy had no reinforcements, and no routing ships.

All the combat that was done was on the other side of the sea map.

I didn't auto resolve, and I'm not looking at a results screen. The battle is still going on, and they haven't been involved, but have suffered losses.

What the heck?

I have observed #1 at least 2 times now... A Fluyt had 30 guns, took a broadside from me, and had 31.