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Thread: steam dock vs naval hospital

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    Default steam dock vs naval hospital

    hi guys, i am playing ETW for 20 days but i dont know what are the benefit of Naval Hospital and what is diffrence between Steam Dock and Naval Hospital?

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    The Steam Dock lets you build every ship type in the game (including First Rates and, obviously, steam ships), but is only available very high up the research tree. The Naval Hospital lacks the capacity to build some ships, but can produce experienced lower level ships, and is available much earlier in the campaign.

    It's a toss-up really. Either hold your navy back a bit until you get steam tech, or forget about steamers (which aren't all that great anyhow).
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    Default Re: steam dock vs naval hospital

    I tend to build both. I build one Naval Hospital as soon as it's available, which lets me build up to Admiral's Third Rate or normal Second Rate ships, but I leave 1-2 as Drydocks for later upgrading to Steam Drydocks. Then I get my Admiral's First Rate and whatnot.
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    Default Re: steam dock vs naval hospital

    I use naval hospital to build 2nd rates with 1 experience and a steam drydock to build 1st rates, heavy first rates and admirals flag ship. The experience bonus seems to be the only pro for the naval hospital?

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    Default Re: steam dock vs naval hospital

    Building a naval dock also gives you prestige, which can be important if you're playing that campaign mode.


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