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Thread: Fleets too slow on strat map needs a patch

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    Default Fleets too slow on strat map needs a patch

    Still playing vanilla with the 2 turns/year. The speed (?) of the fleet is absolutely insane. in a six months turn they could cross the Atlantic and return. I can stay with a winter stop toward Canada and some Baltic zone to reflect ice pack and terrible storm. But 6 turns (and 3 to in a 4 turn/year) to sail to the Rupert's Land is laughable

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    Default Re: Fleets too slow on strat map needs a patch

    Playability over historical accuracy. It has always been CA's policy.

    If you could go that far in one turn, you'd never need a fleet, you could just take a single boat and avoid everyone.
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    Default Re: Fleets too slow on strat map needs a patch

    I agree, it is a playability issue. You could not intercept any fleets if they would go that fast.

    This would be even more apparent if the AI made any assaults over the sea, but they don't (yet). Once the AI factions do get a patch and get more aggressive over the sea, they'd just navigate past your fleets threatened area and land in one turn nearly anywhere on the map.

    What could make things easier to mix and match with realistic naval speeds is if there were 4 turns per year, so that you'd be able to catch ships in the middle of the sea, but that would change the game pace quite a bit and you'd often win (or lose) before the tech is advanced etc. which I don't think would make any better.
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    Default Re: Fleets too slow on strat map needs a patch

    I agree with pevergreen and Rothe if ships could move as fast on the map as they realy did it would make the game world too small Britain for example could start attacking India at turn 2. Armies and ships in total war have always moved slow in that respect as if they moved at a real speed on the campaign map it would make it too easy and seem too small.


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