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    Default Keeping the Peace

    Can anybody answer these questions please:

    (1) What matters - number of units, or number of men?

    (2) Besides dragoons, do some unit types suppress more than others? The gendarmes description says they are good at that, but I notice no difference. Militia seem better than line infantry, is that right?

    (3) Are 20 dragoons equal to 40 line infantry? Or better?

    (4) It looks like garrisons in non-capital cities do not help suppression, right?

    (5) How do you trigger a revolution? Just raise taxes and remove the garrison?


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    Default Re: Keeping the Peace

    1) I think it's the number of men. Five units of line infantry will suppress a lot better than ten artillery in my experience for example.

    2) There are a couple of units that say they have a suppression bonus. Can't remember any but Dragoons and Gendarmes off the top of my head though, sorry.

    3) Short answer: Yes. Long answer: It depends. Man for man they're usually on par in terms of firepower accuracy etc, or at least not so much better that they could overcome 2 to 1 odds. Where Dragoons come into their own is where used as highly mobile, highly maneuvrable firepower. Try holding them in reserve until the two lines of infantry are joined then run your Dragoons around the back and unleash a hail of lead into the enemies backs! Combine that with a quick cavalry charge from your Lancers and you can easily roll down a line of infantry routing them in one fell swoop.

    4) To the best of my knowledge, no they don't.

    5) Raise taxes, remove the garrison, build schools, destroy buildings that give a happiness or suppression bonus.

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    Default Re: Keeping the Peace

    "Garrisons in non-capital cities", does this mean towns on the map, or does this means regional capitals other than your faction capital? If the former, no they do not. If you mean the latter, it helps in that region only.

    The rule of thumb is 2 units of troops = 1 point of repression. I don't think it really matters on the number of men. The reason I say that is something that happened last night in my France campaign (before I lost it to a recurring crash between turns). I took Amsterdam after the Dutch declared war on me with a 20 unit army. I took rather severe casualties in the assault (one unit down to 10 men from 120, 3 others below 50 from 120) but all units survived the battle. France doesn't have any units that give a repression bonus that I've found so far, and I still got 10 points of repression from the army.
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    Default Re: Keeping the Peace

    Repression is a function of several things: population of the region, the number and unit size of the garrison units, and if they have any bonuses.

    You can easily garrison low population areas with a single unit. I get as much as 2 suppression points for a single militia unit in the Carib islands, for example. So areas with population of <0.1M or thereabouts are actually ideal for building universities. I love my North American holdings for that reason.

    In heavily populated areas (many, many millions) each normal unit seems to give only 0.5 suppression points, such as in London, Hindustan, etc. Dragoons, streltsy, genderme, etc, are beneficial in such cases, as they seem to give 1 suppression point per unit.
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    Default Re: Keeping the Peace

    Do yoemanry give a bonus? Their description seems to indicate they should.

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    There are two tabs in a unit's stats. One has the combat numbers, The other has the units abilities (hides in woodland, policing bonus, ect.) Dragoons obviously have a bonus, as do the Russian Stresley. (both mounted/axemen) I have not checked the others to see if they have a bonus yet tho.
    Gendarmes/Yeomanry/Provencal Cavalry do not have any such policing bonuses, nor do Militia.
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    Default Re: Keeping the Peace

    as said above, ight click on a unit card and click on abilities. it should say policing bonus or something like that. it will say that on dragoons and some others (i havent played anyone except russia and marathas, but russia has the melee axemen with policing bonus)

    if you want to raise taxes but only 1 region is against it, recruit some policing bonus units and then raise taxes. dragoons cost 600-something, but i have russian melee infantry that give the same bonus for only 380.check prices and location first. if you have a city tuckded far into the middle of your empire, then you shouldnt need much more than a few units of cheap policing units. but if you have a city you just conquered way out in harms way, garrison it with standard military units and dragoons. then if it is assaulted it can hold off, but still haev a policing bonus.
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