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Thread: Wrath of the Norsemen [DEMO RELEASED]

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    Default Wrath of the Norsemen [DEMO RELEASED]

    Medieval: Wrath of the Norsemen is a mod in development for Medieval 2 Total War which is set in the Viking era. It brings a large span of Europe into the Viking's wrath and takes the most exciting and blood-thirsty era of history and throws it into the M2TW Total War engine.

    The first release will focus on the wars and raids between the four Viking Factions. The Map will cover most of Scandinavia and Iceland.

    This demo gives you the chance to play as Gautlandi and Swe■iu­ in either Custom or Quick battles.
    NOTE: please do not attempt to play the Campaign or Mutiplayer, it will cause the game to crash to the desktop.

    This release may have a few bugs, if you find any issues please contact a developer and we will work on creating a patch soon.

    To install just run the installer, i've made sure it takes care of the rest.

    To find more out about WotN check out our Forums.


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    Wrath of the Norsemen is in need of a mapper to create this area:

    Once we can get this map its full steam ahead for us. :).

    Come on guys, help WotN to finally be released! :)


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