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Thread: How to use mods in ETW?

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    Default How to use mods in ETW?

    I have a basic understanding of how to use ETW mods, but I'd really really love to see a guide on how to use published mods. Preferably stickied on some forum section here.

    I think many people are not comfortable with using mods, because they are afraid of messing up their game and having to reinstall. I am one of those people.

    I don't think it would be a big job to make a short and simple instruction, but it should be very specific on where to put new mod files, which files should be replaced and what files should be backed up etc.

    I would really be grateful if someone can help with this topic.
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    Default Re: How to use mods in ETW?

    Well, theres a few methods, depending on when the mod was released.

    The early mods mean you had to unpack the .pack files, then replace them, while renaming the extension of the .pack files.

    Now we have mod manager, what that does is modify the order in which the .pack files are loaded.

    Imagine the game comes with file a, b and c at release.
    They then patch a with some balance infomation (so instead of a 5, its now a 6 for example)
    You then download a mod which adds stuff to the file (new unit for example)

    Now, the game by default loads in order of release packs, patch packs then mod packs. If a file is in a later pack, it overwrites previous ones.

    Aside from that, there is simple editing like a new startpos.esf, which is simply a backup and replace.

    Im not sure of a lot more, or even if that is 100% correct, I havent had any time to even play a mod yet, apart from my own testing.
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    Post Re: How to use mods in ETW?

    I ran the game with the Royal Family mod, then found out later I couldn't play online while that mod was on, as the other players' games were of a different "version" than my own. I have to deactivate that mod to play online.

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    Default Re: How to use mods in ETW?

    The standard thats emerging is if its just sound/music/texture changes they come in patches. If its gameplay changes/additions etc, those come in mods.

    For MP if your mod is a .patch then you'll be fine, if it's a .mod, you'll have to disable it to play MP. It's highly recommended you get the Mod Manager so you can easily turn mods on and off.

    You don't need to unpack the files anymore so the risk of screwing up your game now is very low since now if you have a mod that is conflicting with something else; just turn it off with the Mod Manager and problem solved.

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    Unhappy Re: How to use mods in ETW?

    Quote Originally Posted by pevergreen View Post
    Now, the game by default loads in order of release packs, patch packs then mod packs. If a file is in a later pack, it overwrites previous ones.
    It seems that the Steam client, as part of it's automatic update process, blithely ignores date/time stamps on files. I had removed the annoying ca.bik, corei7_intro.bik, game_intro_01.bik, and sega_logo_sting_hd.bik files from movies.pack ... next "patch" update simply overwrote the .pack file with the old version.
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