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    Default White menu screen

    I KNOW that this has been questioned and answered before, but i can't find it since I can't seem to be finding the 'search' button on this forums...

    So does anyone have a solution for this:

    A white menu, the one that appears after the loading screen.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS Can anyone point me to a search button, if there is one?

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    Default Re: White menu screen

    EDIT: Found the 'search' button after refreshing my browser five times.

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    Default Re: White menu screen

    I don't really understand what you mean?
    You started the game and after the loading screen there apeared a white screen?

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    Default Re: White menu screen

    You know that menu screen with the Options, Multiplayer, Resume campaign, Load save game, etc? The background is white instead of, well, the background. All i can see are the yellow lettering.

    I had this problem before, like a year ago, and I fixed it because someone had the same problem... can't seem to find it :(

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    hm? Sounds strange! I have only one idea: Look at your Rome-folder/bi/data/menu/textures, perhaps is backdrop.tga missing, but I don't know, sorry!

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    It's not that, ty for trying anyways.


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