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Thread: inter-AI diplomacy: possibly bugged?

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    Default inter-AI diplomacy: possibly bugged?

    I started to think about this after I noticed that my allies that joined my wars early in the game were still in war with my former opponents some 30 years AFTER I had made peace with them... Of course, no real war activity (besides trade blockading) was going on. Come to think of it, I believe, I have not noticed an AI faction making peace with another AI faction unless one of them is destroyed.

    Hmm... could this possibly be a bug? In MTW2 and RTW, AI factions used to make peace left and right with each other. The current ETW approach must really hurt AI's economy.
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    Default Re: inter-AI diplomacy: possibly bugged?

    Yep, noticed this too. To be honest it's the only thing that has really frustrated me about the game thus far.


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