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Thread: Contributors Thread!

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    Post Contributors Thread!

    To stop everyone looking around (mostly me ) I've decided I'll try out an idea I just had: A contributors thread.

    Basically, each person has one post in this thread, which they fill with whatever they want about where they want the mod to go. It could be anything from:

    Make a rear charge more demoralising
    Russia should be purple because of x reasons.

    Discussion should not take place, and spoilers would be helpful.

    I will check the thread regulary if it takes off.

    Currently, I am working through on some minor changes, making sure I know how the overwrite system works.
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    Default Re: Contributors Thread!

    - Double (or triple or even quadruple) the upkeep for units not in their home theatre. E.g. Line Infantery from Europe should have a much higher upkeep in India, whilst "native" Company Infantery is fine. This should make it more difficult to field modern armies in coloniens and will therefore stengthen the native factions. Which in turn would allow for:

    - Much weaker native american factions.
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    Default Re: Contributors Thread!

    Don't know how easy this would be to do, but some form of 'upgrade all' for towns. When you've conquered half the world it becomes a real hassle to chase down all the individual towns and upgrade them. Failing that, an option in the building browser to view all towns, not just those in the region you're viewing at the time.

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    Default Re: Contributors Thread!

    AI Changes:

    > Removal of missions script so the territory stay as protectorates instead of auto-joining with no effort for factions.

    > Pre-game relationships balanced out. Alliances aren't already in place, which can make it so Britain and France could ally in a game against UP and Spain (for pure example). Protectorates can remain.

    > Protectorates foreign policy matches your own and classed as extensions of your Empire as in puppet governments of sorts. This prevents the need for protectorates to fill your "ask allies for help" screen. When protectorates rebel against you, it creates peace with the enemies. When you take a protectorate, they automatically make peace with their enemies then as well. Protectorates can't go to war by themselves against other nations, they can only break off the protectorate.

    > Protectorates can be absorbed into your empire via diplomacy. As in paying them for them to surrender their sovereignty to you. This does away with the need of having to invade your protectorates and the 'missions'.

    > Ellict government changes for your own Empire. This causes "National Identity" issue for all your regions, which gradually fade away to balance this.

    > Gentlemen having the ability to infiltrate towns and add to "Clamour for Reform" which can influence uprisings and government change types. (Assisting a reform of monarchy to republic and vice-versus) which can change relationships with nations.

    > Territory Expansion only generated by your current Empire size. This allows relationships to amend in a more historical manner as nations can feel "They aren't that big any more, not as much as a threat now" for example.

    > Realistic trade variables. AI to treat other AI and the player the same, especially when it comes to technology, so the player doesn't need 4 Universities to keep on par with the AI due to massive inter-trading occuring.

    This post will change over time.
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    Post Re: Contributors Thread!

    Protectorates should have the option of rebellion if relations are bad.


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