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    A standpoint of a fan/critic/reformed fan.

    Reasons I started out a fan

    1. First off let me say I've only experienced 2 CTD's.

    2. The tactical AI is pretty good (it can and will surprise) barring sieges, they are still epic failures.

    3. Naval battles are fun once you get the hang of them.

    4. Already being aware of the no naval invasion or transport issue I've been playing central/eastern powers to minimize that impact.

    5. Face it the game is a bit neutered but it's still fun.

    6. I only buy games on steam. I own residences in 4 locations and like to be able to play whatever wherever I happen to be. Also convenient to not have to worry about lpst/scratched disks.

    Reason I became a critic:

    1. My number one labor of love, my Prussian campaign was hanging in 1760 on GB's turn ( I eventually realized it took them 37 minutes....just to declare war on France...WIMPS). Anyway I think a saved game corruption, or any bug which prevents a player from continuing his game is far worse than an occasional CTD, as the time spent playing although enjoyable is lost....

    2. The strategic AI is retarded. I've compared it to playing checkers (or draughts if you're from the other side of the pond) with a 9 month old. Not only is it easy to win, but you're opponent doesn't even understand the game. This can be pointed out as follows:

    2a. No naval invasions/transports. It means what it says. To illustrate how much this affects the game, bring over some friends for a game of good ole Axis and Allies:

    No one except you is able to load infantry, artillery, armor, or an antiaircraft gun onto a transport. Obviously the only nations to really play would be Russia and Germany, and in this case depending on the one you chose I'd think Germany would smash the poor hapless ruskies. All another player playing as the US, Britain, or Japan could do was build naval/air units and cruise around looking for enemy naval/air units. A smart player would place an industrial complex in Asia or Africa, but the additional help or hindrance this would provide to Rusiia or Germany would be minimal at best. That's exactly how the AI plays it. See the Spain has formed a mosh pit thread for more info.

    2b. Retarded declarations of war. I don't believe the AI isn't aggressive enough, as war occurs often, but it just doesn't occur at opportune times for the AI, or it declares war then does next to nothing afterwards.

    2c. Major powers are borked, minor nations slaughter. Once again discussed ad nauseam.

    3. Brigden's "response" put me off. Not that he wasn't forward looking at all, but quite frankly to stand firmly behind the product they released and state the bugs were experienced by a minimal part of the consumers, that a game in the "Age of Sail" was ready to go without any use of naval assets to move land forces was and remains beyond me. In fact I felt he talked down to an extent as if his fan base was a bunch a fifth graders.

    Reason I became a fan again:

    1. I allowed GB to take 37 minutes to decide to go to war with France in my Prussian campaign. Been playing happily ever since. The native americans and Indians have proven to be somewhat cunning foes.

    2. Jack Lusted's daily update. By only speaking about what CA intends to do, and not what CA did, he got my attention in a manner that rapidly restored faith. Lusted also saved my M2TW experience with his famous Lands to Conquer Mod.

    In summation give it a try I'm convinced CA will nurse this thing to maturity. And it's pretty fun as is.

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