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    Default Stories Thread

    Here you can post stories about your character or work up a story in association with another. Also, you can make small AARs of battles and situations that you found inspiring.


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    Default Re: Stories Thread

    We are outside the largest tent in a sea of tents, fires and latrine ditches. The city of Corinth shimmers in the sun to the south, the sea to the north with the opposite shore a vague distant haze. We enter the large tent behind a messenger just arrived in camp.

    My Lord Krateros, a message from the Basileus.
    Hmm, he has replied to my plan for Pyrrhos already?.... No, I am appointed Basilikos Grammateus. Excellent, it seems I may have to return to Pella to run the Empire. And get out of this hell hole. Messenger, return to the Basileus with this message of thanks.
    Yes sir, immediately.

    The messenger leaves and an aide turns to Krateros.

    Congratulations sir, perhaps you may get out of fighting these rebels after all.
    The Strategos' eyes narrow.
    Are you calling me a coward Heronius?
    N, no sir. Of course not.
    Good, it is a wise man who knows his strengths and weaknesses, not a coward. Remember that if you want to remain in your current position, rather than digging toilets.

    Krateros rises and wraps his cloak around his shoulders.
    Get my horse and an escort group ready, I am going to Corinth to give thanks for my good fortune.
    Er, the Basileus is near Athens sir, it is a few days ride.
    I am going to thank the Gods you fool, perhaps we should ask them for a brain for you while we are at it.

    Heronius slips out of the tent, Krateros strides out a few moments later.
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