Hi Guys,
Just wanted to share some joy.Have been playin this great mod for months on rtw vanilla and was
nearing the end of my romanii campaign when my disc got cracked. Bought dvd version of gold edition
with bi and have had days worth of probs trying to install. Installed , uninstalled and re- installed several times. tried eveything all 1.0 fixes,shortcut amendments,diff directories etc.etc.Was at my wits end scouring through the boards when I came across an old thread Bovi was advising on. He had
heard that one guy with a similar problem had un -installed NERO and then succsessfully installed. Tried that and hey presto!! It worked. Didn't have to go down the validation route! So thanks for the
info and ROLL ON DUDES! Off to kick some ptolemaic ass!!!!

Optio Figulus.