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Thread: CTD During battle loading sequence

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    Default CTD During battle loading sequence

    Hm EB seemed to be working without any problems up to this point. I think year's around 248 BC and after I end my turn, Egypt, Greece, and Germans attack me, I defeat them no problem. Then Rebels at the top of Iberian Penninsula attack my army (which is being reinforced by another army). Halfway through the loading sequence, game ends, saying RTW has encountered a problem. What should I do?
    autowin? automatically resolve battle? Or is there a way to get rid of the problem? Thank you guys very much.

    It's really annoying having to fight those 3 battles again and again, so I look forward to wise words. =P

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    Default Re: CTD During battle loading sequence

    Get the fixes and these crashes should not happen again.

    Having problems getting EB2 to run? Try these solutions.
    I do NOT answer PM requests for help with EB. Ask in a new help thread in the tech help forum.
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