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Thread: Pahlava crashes

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    Default Pahlava crashes

    Is it "normal" to have 3-4 CTD`s during a 5 hours session of playing? Im in the middle of a great Pahlava campaign but the crashes has become quite annoying now, i usually get a crash during either loading a battle or when exiting a battle very seldom on the campaign map. I think i have always been troubled with the occasional CTD`s but it seems to be more seldom with my Romani and Getai campaigns than with Pahlava for whatever reason. I have applied the fixes when they came out.

    Is anyone having troubles like mine with Pahlava? and do anyone have an idea how to try to fix those problems? I would have been enjoying my a$$ off it werent so buggy for me.

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    Default Re: Pahlava crashes

    Crash during loading a battle is usually fixed by the current fixes, which you should install. There is no fix for the post-battle crash, but there are suggestions for reducing how often it occurs in the frequent issues.

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